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21% of African-American and 25.8% Hispanic students graduate within six years (Nationally)
(Source:  Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, 2011)

31.9% of African-American and 39.2% Hispanic students graduate within six years (Texas)
(Source:  The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011)

14.0% of African-American and 15.8% Hispanic students graduate within six years (Texas Southern University)
(Source:  Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2011)

The Providence on Southmore, Inc. intends to act as a model program to combat the alarming reality that the aforementioned data illustrates.  Post-secondary success of African-American and Hispanic students is not on pace to meet the 2020 national completion agenda outlined by the Obama administration in the “Getting to Graduation” plan aimed at putting the United States back at the pinnacle of the higher education ranks.  

It is with this information in mind that we seek to provide program participants with an environment that is more conducive to degree completion.  That is, participants will:

  • Be housed in an academically rich environment that nurtures achievement
  • Sign a “Education First” Priority Commitment
  • Commit to Weekly Community Service
  • Mentoring Subsequent Scholarship Recipients
  • Commit to Daily Study Hall
  • Adhere to Organization’s Character Policy (Code of Conduct)
  • NOT Commit to More Than 20 Hours of Employment Per Week While in School
  • Complete summer internships to increase employability at the time of graduation

The Providence on Southmore, Inc is set apart from other organizations because we possess unique characteristics that include a “whole person” approach nurtured by:

  • a certified life coach that empowers the students to consider what they desire in life, move past barriers, and create their own plan.  The life coach will serve the students by exploring possibilities, providing perspective, creating accountability, and enhancing follow-through;
  • culinary students who provide three balanced meals per day to help students maintain healthy physical lifestyles; and
  • highly qualified professionals (Board of Directors/Volunteers) who serve as mentors and guide students  in real-life decisions that impact their prospective careers.

The second phase of the program will include the addition of a new property (location to be determined) that will house the first female program participants.  This phase will be established during the third year (2015).  Females entering post-secondary education during the Fall of 2016 will be able to submit applications to The Providence on Southmore, beginning Spring 2015. Participant requirements and standards are applicable to both genders.

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