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T.P.O.S. History

The Providence on Southmore, Inc is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status dedicated to the support of high school seniors desiring a college education…

The organization was established, September 2012, based upon the vision of its founder (Dr. Karla Brown) who conceived it over a decade prior to planting the first seeds of incorporation. After graduating from Texas Southern University with her doctorate degree in Education in 2001, Dr. Brown was able to fully appreciate her ability to persevere as well as the personal accomplishments she had been able to attain as a result of higher education. Her career had taken her from Texas to California and back. During this time, her desire to put at least one child through college became a reoccurring vision that she needed to see to fruition. This vision, however, was not as simple as putting one student through college. It was, in fact, to put many students through college.

Upon resigning from her position as a public school administrator, Dr. Brown believes that she was thrust into her destiny of providing the means for students to have lifestyles characterized by independence and productivity that a college degree affords. She began the formation of a board of directors shortly thereafter and moved forward with the naming of the organization which was derived from the story of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22) along with the geographical location that will serve as the organization’s physical location.

The vision became a plan focused on groups of students who, nationally, have the lowest graduation rates from 4 year universities over a period of six years. The plan has materialized and is now known as The Providence on Southmore, Inc...

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